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Before you buy insurance online from an Australian insurance company, make sure you have done all the correct research! Same if you want to compare car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, etc. We aim to help customers find the best deals by providing insurance reviews, quotes, claim information and more. Or you may be interested in some NSW Car Insurance information.

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Featured Insurance Offers

Insurance company: NAB Insurance

Special Offer: NAB is currently up for an offer of a discount for up to 10% if customers signs up and purchase a policy online through their website.

However, if you are buying more than one policy which makes you eligible for multiple discounts, the second and higher discount may be applied to the premium only after it has been reduced by the previous discounts .If the discount is below the minimum premium of Allianz, the minimum premium will apply instead of the discounted price.

Note that the discounts are subject to change without any notice.

Insurance company: QBE Insurance

Special Offer: QBE is offering a saving of 10% for every new customer that purchases a policy or premium through their website via their instant online quote. This includes car insurance, building insurance, content insurance, valuable insurance and landlords insurance.

This saving is only available online and cannot be claimed in a branch or on the phone.

The offer cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be transferrable. The discounts are subject to change with any prior warning.

Featured Insurance Reviews

HBA Insurance Review
HBA is definitely one of the most joined and trusted insurance company in the market today. Claims can be made easily, paying in the majority of times. The customer representative ...

Mutual Community Insurance Review
Mutual Community is a cheap and reliable insurance company. Claims for damages are able to be claimed easily without any fuss and the additional option to choose your own repairer adds to ...

GIO Insurance Review
GIO Insurance has their ups and downs. It seems that before they send your claims for your damages, they will undergo many investigations to justify that it was out of your control to prevent it. Their requirements may be a bit silly at times. There are a high percentage of reported customers that their claims were denied, but others had experienced some fuss-less smooth transactions ...

Tio Insurance Review
TIO is a small and manageable insurance company to join if you live in the Northern Territory. Prices are cheap, affordable and were listed in Choice Magazine as one of the best insurers ...

RACV Insurance Review
As being as successful and popular as RACV is, it is impossible to satisfy every customer. However if you are hoping to join RACV, you can be sure that their insurances and assistances are ...

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How to Cut Down on Car Insurance Premiums

Thereís no doubt that car insurance is indispensable these days, but there are ways in which the cost can be reduced, and it is worthwhile to bear these in mind when seeking insurance of this nature.

Car ownership in Australia is already widespread, and the number of cars on Australian roads is expected to increase yet more until at least 2017/18, so the market is attractive. In the last five years, online-only providers of car insurance have grown at an astounding rate, which has forced existing insurers to innovate faster. Non-insurance companies have also entered the market, bringing with them large networks. Competition is so great that shopping around is the best way to save money on car insurance.

The internet is an invaluable resource for people seeking car insurance. Quotes can be compared easily. Online providers allow you to escape 'phone queues and needless chatter and generate a quote within minutes. With no large branches, the cost may well be lower. Progressive became the first company to sell car insurance over the internet in 1997. Read more

Who Could Benefit from Mortgage Insurance?

Private mortgage insurance is a policy that is taken out to assure lenders that they will receive their payments should the borrower default on a loan. This type of policy is different from life insurance taken out on the mortgage, because it leaves the borrower no benefit should they become unable to pay the mortgage due to disability or death. On the surface, it seems that mortgage insurance is primarily beneficial to the lender, because it is designed for his or her protection. Yet there are advantages to both parties in certain circumstances, allowing borrowers to purchase a home with a lower down payment. Before perusing real estate listings on sites like homesales, it's helpful to take a closer look at this type of insurance plan to see how it works and who benefits.

How Mortgage Insurance Protects Lenders

The most obvious benefit of mortgage insurance is for the lenders. This insurance policy helps ensure that if the borrower ends up not defaulting on the loan, that the lender will still get their money back. In Australia, mortgage insurance is payable if the LTV or loan-to-value ratio is above 80%. It may also be applicable when this ratio is at 60% for low-doc loans which are given to individuals who are self-employed or otherwise unable to prove income with the usual documents. Premiums can be determined using a sliding scale depending on the initial loan amount and this ratio. There may also be an additional stamp duty on the premium. Read more