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Coles Insurance Fuel Discount

Insurer: Coles Insurance

Insurance Company Description: Coles have partnered with Wesfarmers General Insurance Limited to offer the highest quality of car and home insurance under great competitive prices. Coles is one of Australia's biggest retailers, ranging from groceries, merchandises, financial services, liquor and fuel.

Covers: Car insurance, home insurance

Special Offer: All car insurance customers that join Coles Insurance will be offered a saving of 12c per litre on fuel. This offer is only given out once a month for an entire year.

After joining Coles Car Insurance, the company will send you 12 vouchers for discount. Only one of the coupons can be claimed per month. Every voucher offers 12c discount on petrol, fuel or gas.

Note that the discounts are subject to change without any notice.

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